this is where i'll document things that happen in my life or update you on my latest projects

4th of november - hey logss, i need to revamp this website i feel like...im not sure

2nd of november - robot boy has been out for about a week now? you can stream by clicking here! 1,500 streams on soundcloud for the first week 💞 thank u to everyone who supports me and listened to this song!! it means a lot :)

21st of october - robot boy comes out in 2 days 😸 cant wait for everyone to hear ehtttt, coming to you AGAIN from some boring ass class

19th of october - oh my fucking god im so tired rn i could just close my eyes and rot and die in this class

17th of october - hi! ive been working on hella good new music with andres lately that i cant wait to put out! robot boy's coming out this saturday, which is produced by him

10th of september - quick update: ive recently gotten a job at ***** so ive been making a bit of money that i rlly wanna start putting into music marketing for my own music and carbon copy venturess

22nd of august - im in school rn :[ but its cool cuz it ends in 2 minutes :]

20th of may - also rq logs update: sugarpop is obviously long gone, portal sprite idk what to do with, and i've started more projects like co2 and UNU

20th of may - hay logs :} haven't written to u in ages, it's been a full on year somehow! finally getting back started on that debut albummm!!! i'm getting the album cover taken by this super cool guy who lives pretty close to me! it's next saturday, my friends r coming and the theme is depressed winter teenager ! !


6th of may - i know what i want, i want time on my ownnnn woahhhhhh!!!

29th of april - i was meant to have packages coming today, they didnt, but i dont even care cuz dreams by the cranberries and my vibrations spiralled

20th of alril - just got back from school, hope everyone's doing ok :)

19th of april - so sugarpop ended up being a soundcloud only ep, after about a week it now has 8,181 streams !!! ty for supporting everyone

30th of march - my first ever ep's coming out 15th of april get readyyy

14th of march - my first ever ep, sugarpop is coming out in april! can't wait for u all to hear it. so! click here for a priv link of the opening track ... shhh

27th of february - been working on a shit ton of new portal sprite music for ps2. get ready to transport *.+

19th of february - a lot of new stuff coming soon !!! i just started like 3 diff demos today, can't wait to finish them up

17th of february - happy late valentines day asf ! i have a lot to do that i haven't but i'm rlly hoping to get some done today or by the end of the week. hope your doing good

1st feb - just did my first day of year 10. it was fine, nothing really exiting happened. anyways, gonna maybe try and work on some music tonight

31st jan - gotta go back to school tmmr. honestly do not wanna go at all... having to much fun making this site lol. anyways, i'm gonna try and work really hard on it today so i can have a links section to put in my bio by the end of the day

30th jan - sophies died ): such an icon and inspiration to all in the hyperpop industry. sad as fuck when somebody so talented and so young has to leave us. she's in a better place now, though