hellooo i'm riley, also known as riley hyland or kitty tennis 🐱

where to find/contact me:

if you'd like to commission a beat for a song, just dm or email me! i can negotiate prices, and make whatever you'd want me to make!
i can also make you an html website, some noteable site's i've already make are, donatachi.com for donatachi, andres.technology for andres, and well, rileyhyland.com

4th of november:
i'm a 17 yr old musician & digital artist! i mainly am known for making bubblegum bass/pop music and experimental pop music. i produce, write and perform all my own original music, unless it's with andres :> i also have loved getting my hands dirty with various other genres like jungle, breakcore, happy hardcore, also a bit of future bass more when i started highschool. i slso love making html websites and 3d art, which you can see the works of if you click here

i've been writing songs years and yearsss, i started trying to produce my own music on fl studio in 6th grade, gravitating towards more cringe trap and future bass stuff...loll!!! it's when i started combining my songwriting with my music production more frequently around 8th-9th grade that i really started to find that my calling within more synth heavy, artificial pop music 😸

i released my first proper song, in 9th grade. during late 2020, and early 2021 is when i made a lot of friends in the underground soundcloud "hyperpop" scene with music. lately i've been making a lot of different kinds of pop music, from as mainstream to underground as u could get! in the future i'd really like to be a proper songwriter/producer for other artists and release more music myself or under some sort of label...hellooo labels!!!